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Shigale Net

Shigale Net – Vegetation Net with Fertilizer Bags

Shigale Net
Shigale Net significantly improves the protection and greening of slopes.


  1. The nets made of reinforced compound fibers prevent the topsoil erosion and rockfalls.
  2. The nets are attached with nonwoven fabric bags containing slow-acting fertilizer and soil conditioner, providing long-term stable fertilizer effectiveness and enhancing the greening of slopes.
  3. The nets are lightweight and easy to transport and install.
  4. The fertilizer bags are inserted in the nets at even intervals without sagging down.
    There is no front or back side so either side can be applied to the surface.
Shigale Net Standard Products
Product Name Product Number Material Manufacturing Method Mesh Size Strength Size Fertilizer Bag Color
Shigale Net (Single Weaving)
SN-40 Polyethylene Single
20x25mm Approx. 64.3kgf 2x25m 40 cm Pitch Green
SN-80 2x25m 80 cm Pitch
Shigale Net
(Double Weaving)
SN-40N 20x12mm Approx. 31.9kgf 2x25m 40 cm Pitch
SN-80N 2x25m 80 cm Pitch

Composition Sample

  Items Geometric Size Number of Items Measurement Unit
SN-40 SN-80
  Shigale Net 2mx25m 120 120  
Main Anchor $$16x400 11 11 Anchors
Sub Anchor $$9x200 78 78 Anchors
Retaining Pin* $$5x150 322 202 Pins
* Ogashira

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