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Shigale Bag
Highly effective for protection and greening of slopes, shigale bags are used in road and hillside construction for earth retaining, sandbagging and retaining wall frame infilling.

Shigale Bag – Vegetation Net with Fertilizer Bags Vegetation Sandbag Sack with Seeds

Vegetation Sandbag Sack with Seeds
Product Name Product Number Size(cm) Finished Size(cm) Required Soil Volume(cubic meter)
Shigale Bag
(Vegetation Sandbag Sack with Seed and Fertilizer Mixture)
Shigale Bag
(Vegetation Sandbag Sack with Seed and Fertilizer Mixture)


  1. While the bags are made of reinforced green fibers, the seeds sprout easily through the mesh of the bags.
  2. As soil is confined in the bags, the soil and seeds are prevented from running off.
  3. The seeds and fertilizers are adhered inside the bags, contributing to significant time and labor saving during construction.
  4. The bags can be applied to surfaces where there is springwater, sterile slopes or steep inclines.


  1. Fill soil into the bags, removing pieces of wood and rocks. Use caution to leave the vegetation fabric inside undamaged.
  2. Close the bag by firmly tying the drawstring.
  3. Pile the bags ensuring the vegetation fabric is exposed to the surface.
  4. When installing the bags on a slope with no wall frames, use brick bonding method to prevent the bags from collapsing.

Standard Product Dimension and Ingredients

Specification Length 60 cm Width 40 cm
Seed Mixture
Seed Name Quantity (grams)
Tall Fescue 2.1g
Creeping Red Fescue 2.1g
Perennial Ryegrass 0.6g
Highland Bentgrass 0.35g
Orchardgrass 1.3g
Redtop 0.35g
Seed Attachment 6 varieties 6.8g
Fertilizer Granular Compound Fertilizer  25 g/sack or more
Guaranteed Components (N 11% P 9% K 10% or higher)
Guaranteed Germination Rate 85% or higher

Pre-filled Sandbag

Pre-Filled Sandbag
Product Name Product
Required Soil
Volume(cubic meter)
Pre-Filled Shigale Bag
(Pre-Filled Sandbag)
K-SB 48x70 36x58x12 0.025

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