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Soccer Goal Netting

Fukui Fibertech Co., Ltd. is the Japan's first manufacturer to develop the hexagon mesh nets for soccer goal netting.  This netting was adopted for the games in the 2002 World Cup.
Traditionally goal nets have mainly had square-shaped mesh.  This newly invented hexagon mesh net offers increased strength and shock-absorbing capability, providing an illusion that the ball stops for a moment in our eyes.  As a former professional soccer player, our company president's wish for showcasing more dramatic goal moments has come true.


Soccer Goal Netting
Lightweight and sectional, well-built and stout
Easy to move, compact soccer goals

This soccer goal can make any places including kindergartens, parks, schools and company recreational fields instant soccer grounds.  This mini soccer goal provides opportunities with all ages to enjoy the sport as a recreation activity.
HEXA GOAL is a compound word of "hexagon" and "goal", standing for a hexagon mesh net goal (currently applying for design registration).
Increase in soccer population driven by the popularity of J. League has been rather decreasing opportunities for people to secure the grounds for their soccer games and practices.  Fukui Fibertech Co., Ltd. therefore developed this revolutionary sectional mini soccer goal, taking advantage of the company's own technology after many years of studies on both netting and posts.  Our soccer goal is new and innovative thanks to the following characteristics:
Soccer Goal Size
Soccer Goal Size
MODEL Size Weight*
Net (Sold Separately)
Net Size Weight*
General Purpose Net
  1. Overall appearance
  2. Reduced weight and compactified body for easy transport (can fit in a regular size vehicle)
  3. Response of the ball hitting the post (FRP)
  4. Easy assembling for anyone anywhere
  5. Lightweight structure safe in the event of an accidental fall (weighs 8 kg – 18 kg)
  6. Ball suction to the polyester net (HEXA GOAL)
  7. Excellent durability of FRP posts and polyester nets
  1. The goal parts must be stored in a bag after use.  Leaving the goal outdoors for a long period of time can lead problems in disassembling the posts, due to the damage from sands and dirt.
  2. Excess hammering during assembling can cause damage to the posts.

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