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Company Profile

April 1, 1947
Established Corporation
November 27, 1950
Eisuke Fukui
Manufacturing and sale of netting products designed to benefit various industries including fishery, construction, civil engineering, agriculture, automobiles and sports, as well as designing, installation and renting of ancillary facilities and equipments Manufacturing and sale of fiber products for automobile interiors Manufacturing and sale of fiber reinforced plastic products
5-1 Iwanishi, Nakahara-cho, Toyohashi, Japan 441-3106

Management Philosophy
  1. Economically and culturally contribute to the national society through the corporate entity.
  2. Challenge reformations and establish company excellence.
  3. Realize such a company that brings happiness to people who work for or have relation to the company.
  4. Encourage every member of the company to make the best effort to pursue self-development.
  5. Strive towards the development of a pleasant and rewarding workplace.
Management Policy
  1. Aim to become a "next generation composite fiber manufacturer that evolves on the foundation of the advanced fiber technology".
  2. Stand on the perception that "passing on the better global environment to future generations is the fundamental responsibility of our generation", always look resolutely forward to the future and promote the environmental management system.
  3. Embrace "customer-first" motto and promote the quality management system to keep providing quality products that delivers the customer satisfaction.
  4. Embrace "revolution & challenge" motto and promote FCR (Fukui Challenge & Revolution) efforts to broaden the company's diversified technologies and wide-ranging lines of business, making full use of the company's unique fiber technology.
  5. Formulate a business plan in consideration of various factors that concern the business management, including the market trends, legislations, and trends within and outside of the company.? Familiarize all personnel of the company with the business plan and apply company-wide efforts towards the fulfillment of the plan.

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