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Pit Grip (All Fiber Antiskid Car Floor Mat)

Pit grip is a high-performance lining material underside of car floor mats alternative to conventional rubber lining.
This all-fiber material is highly breathable, sound absorbent and lightweight, and displays gripping ability superior to conventional rubber mats.
The raised fibers in the panel function as an alternative material to rubber or vinyl chloride
Conventional rubber antiskid material and All fiber antiskid material
The integrated fabric with nonwoven fabric and our own raschel net combined, called pit grip, realized a powerful retention effect not attainable with ordinary nonwoven fabric.
Carpet Layer and Adhesive and Underside Layer (Integrated)


Powerful Retention
Combination of nonwoven fabric and raschel net realized a powerful grip greater than conventional rubber products.
All fiber material makes for lightweight and easy to use fabric.
Sound Absorbent
Compared to conventional sound insulating rubber products, our pit grip is breathable and outstandingly sound absorbent.
Environmentally Friendly
All fiber (same material) does not require separation when disposed.  Our pit grip uses volatile organic compound (VOC) free hot-melt adhesive.
Retention Test Data
Specification Chart
Product Name Materials Manufacturing Method Process
Pit Grip KN Type A
Mainly Polyester
Raschel + Nonwoven Fabric
Pit Grip KN Type B
Pit Grip HN Type A
Pit Grip HN Type B
Pit Grip UR Type A
Pit Grip UR Type B

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